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Agro chemicals
Agro Chemicals refers to those chemicals which are used in the course of agricultural activities. It has been experienced that without the help of specific agro chemicals many crops are not grown. Agrichemical refers to broad range of herbicides; fungicides and insecticides but it also includes synthetics fertilizers, growth agents, which concentrate raw animal manure and hormones. The industries which manufacture such chemicals are highly profit making firms. The uses of chemicals like fertilizers and pesticides help the farmers to protect their crops from insects and birds. Now days in India the uses of agro chemicals has expanded, which resulted in higher yield. Agrichemicals need to be stored in a safe place that prevents their unwanted exposure to the environment. Government has permitted the purchase of these Agri-chemicals; however the penalties can result for its misuse. Agro Chemicals are the key factor for the growth of agricultural crops.
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Equipments for manufacturing copper sulphate for sale due to winding up of company.
Sikko Sprayers Pvt. Ltd. provides quality Agro Chemicals, Bio Pesticides, Bio Fertilizer, Botanical Pesticides since last 10 years.With a new and innovative techniques in the history of pesticide production, we are the market leader now.
Manufacturers and exporters of all types of construction chemical, anti termite and wood polish-stains.
Manufacturues of Agrochemicals: pesticeds, herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, plant growth regulator, bio-fertilizers
We introduce ourselves as manufacturers and suppliers of agro chemicals and industrial chemicals. Copper Sulphate Powder / Crystals Zinc Sulphate Manganese Sulphate Cobalt Sulphate / Chloride Manganese Oxide Magnesium Oxide Sodium Selenite Sodium / Calcium Ligno Sulfonate Citric Acid Borax Decahydrate / Pentahydrate Boric Acid Boron 20 % Calcium Nitrate Magnesium Nitrtae Potassium Fulvic Humate Potassium Humate 70% / 80 % Humic Acid Granular Dispersing Agents Growth Stimulants Nitrobenzene
Cheminovo Limited is the chinese well-established manufacturer and exporter in agrochemical, located in Jiangsu Chinaspecializes in supply pesticides,such as Imidacloprid,Abamectin,Emamectin Benzoate..
We, Reigin Agrochemical Co., Ltd. are the chinese well-established manufacturer and exporter in agrochemical, located in Jiangsu China. Our company specializes in supply pesticides such as herbicides, insecticides, fungicides.
We Lasky Herbal are mfg & exporter of Agro(Herbal Pesticide & Medicine for Tree Disease & Growth), Food Products & Natural Food Colours, Ayurvedic & Herbal Medicines, Veterinary(Herbal Cattle Feed Supplement & Herbal Poultry Feed Supplement).
CHEMICALS; Caustic Soda,Pearls.flakes.96% 98% 99%, CALCIUM CARBIDE, SIZE:50-80MM GAS YIELD:295L/KG PACKING: 100KG IRON DRUM.
Xiamen Polyease International Trade Corporation is a powerful importing and exporting company, we mainly offer agrichemicals products and some plastic resin.
We are Dealer and Manufacturer of agro chemicals pesticides INSECTICIDES Actameprid, Cartap, Chloropyriphos, Cypermethrin, Endosulpan, mono-chrotophos, Imidachloprid, Fenvalerate, methyl parathion, phorate, quinalphos Isoproturon, Butachlor, 2,4-d ethyl ester, 2, 4-d sodium salt
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