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Chemical Flavours & Fragrances
Chemical Flavors and fragrances are available in different types such as food flavours, perfumes, preservatives, fragrance oil, etc. Adding specific flavour to the food has focused to alter and enhance the taste of natural food products like vegetables and meat. Now-a-days, many people prefer perfumes and deodorants that give a specific fragrance to their body. There are many food essences which contain chemical flavors that give a good smell to a specific dish. There are many companies that deal with this product range. With the help of new research and development fruit genes have made it convenient to revolutionize the way of cosmetics, food and perfumes. The process of traditional biofermentation techniques; have also helped to manufacture natural taste and aromas. Many food and beverage manufacturing companies employ the expert services of Flavor Company to manufacture their products. Although such flavours and fragrances are made up of different chemicals but these products are preferred by many people.
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Anhui Haibei Import & Export Co., Ltd., founded in 2006, is located in Hefei city, capital of Anhui province. Our business specializes in production and import & export trade of flavor and fragrance, which face domestic and international markets. We are a new rising and shining star in China flavor and fragrance industry. Best products and best service are our company's tenets. In the initial stage of development, we base on overseas markets and focus on research and development of fragrance and flavor products. Now our product series includes concretes and absolutes, essential oils, synthetical fragrance, natural fragrance and so on.
We are one of the largest manufacturers of chemical raw materials and cinnamate series in China. Our products have passed ISO 9001, and we have got kosher certificates. Our main products like cinnamic acid, cinnamic aldehyde, cinnamic alcohol, methyl cinnamate,ethyl cinnamate and their downside products.
We are the Manufacturers and exporters of the Phthalocyanine PIgments. Prime Products are Pigment Green7, Pigment Beta Blue 15:3, PIgment Alfa BLue 15:0.
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