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Coatings & Adhesives
The term “coatings” and “adhesives” are two different things. Coating is a material which is used to cover the object whereas adhesives are used to join or attached materials like wood, plastics, etc. Both the materials are used for household, manufacturing and commercial purpose. Mostly coatings are used for decorating, sealing, covering, preserving, and smoothing the articles. Adhesives are more suitable and durable than the local glues. This is the modern glue which is more durable and efficient, even on the boats, where moisture, salt, grime, ultraviolet rays of the sun and heat work best to degrade it. This is the material can be obtained either from the natural or synthetic sources. Both these materials also constitute the part of craft supplies. Initially, people in Egypt made the efficient use of animal glues to adhere ivory, furniture and papyrus. Today there are many industries that supply these products. Different product categories are manufactured differently to make it more efficient to get durability.
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We are PUYANG ZHONGDE PETROLEUM RESINS CO., LTD, specializes in manufacturing and exporting hydrocarbon resins including C9 aromatic hydrocarbon resins, C5 aliphatic hydrocarbon resins and C5/C9 copolymerized hydrocarbon resins, etc,
Established in 1985, our company is one of the leading manufacturers of CMC (carboxymethyl cellulose, carboxy methyl cellulose) and CMS(carboxy methyl starch) in China. We can produce CMC for foodmaking, detergent, oil drilling, papermaking, textile and dyeing, ceramics , welding , toothpaste , tobacco, etc and 4 types of CMS. Also, we can produce CMC and CMS according to buyer` specific technique requirements. We passed the Quality Assurance System of ISO9001 in 2002. Please feel free to contact us. We will try our best to cooperate with you.
Speciallity Systems & Coatings. Manufacturing of epoxy based coatings and speciallity chemicals for coating industry.
We are providers of complete range of water proofing and anti corrosion chemical specialized in building, wood and metal anti rust coatings.
Medway Galvanising Group of companies provides a total service in hot dip galvanising, powder coating and architectural metalwork.
we are one of the most leading manufacturers of finest quality wood preservative under the well known brand termisolve. We manufacture wood coaytings and construction chemicals also. Our products carry finest quality and image.
Mfg. of Inkjet Ink, Plotter Ink, & Industrial Oil Paints etc....
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