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Laboratory Chemicals
Laboratory is the place where there is existence of different chemicals and chemical products. Laboratory chemicals are mostly handled by students so it is necessary for the lab supervisor to take care of such use before it undergoes its spillover effect. Apart from lab chemicals there are different types of equipment which need to be handled with care. There are many chemicals which require special licensing if they are used in laboratory. All the laboratory chemicals should have Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) on its original container, which gives assurance to the user. If any chemical is used by the school or college lab or by the company they should have full page copies of MSDS on the specified file of every single chemical. If such chemicals are not in its original container it should be specifically marked for the safety purpose.
Premium Members
Exclusive Distributor Merck Products and authorised distributor of various companies for Chemical Products, Scientific Instruments, Pharmaceutical Raw Materials, Biochemicals, Lab Equipments and laboratory Glasswares from Mumbai, Goa, India.
Jignesh Agency is manufacturer, exporter, supplier of lab chemical, lab glassware, liquid handling equipment, high purity solvents, laboratory reagents, scientific instruments, chromatography, pharma raw materials, Filter Papers etc Dealers of all laboratories products.
Manufacturers and exporters of lab chemicals, Manufacturers of Fine Chemical, Laboratory Chemicals, Clinical Reagents, lab chemical Suppliers, Bio Chemicals, Enzymes & Related Products, Organic & Inorganic chemicals, Speciality Chemicals, Agro Chemicals, R & D Chemicals, Biological Stains & Indicators, Oils (Lab), Culture Media Ingredients, Solvents & Acid of LR/GR/EP/UV and HPCL Grades and many other chemicals, Mumbai, India.
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General Members
Druvi Impex distributes & exports a full spectrum of chemicals, solvents, buffers, reagents and standards from the world's leading manufacturers. Our focus is laboratory grade and higher purity solvents and reagents. Sigma Aldrich, Burdick and Jackson, Supelco, Accustandard, Absolute Standards, Ricca, Spex, Chemservice, EM Science / Harleco, JT Baker, VWR Brand and Fisher Chemicals are all available to meet your most stringent laboratory requirements
The Company handles mainly: high quality laboratory equipment distribution, diagnosis reagents, reagents, sanitary material, glassware, laboratory consumables and household products, instruments and utensils, serum and culture media, standards (certifi cated reference materials), Elisa kit, biological products, vaccines, veterinary kit, accessories, equipments, antigens, antibiotics micropills, disinfectants, laboratory and molecular biology kit and reagents, labor protection equipment and systems, laboratory devices and fi tting service, road transportation of equipment and devices. The Management is actively involved in the implementing and observance of quality standards. The Company is in conformity with the ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OH-SAS 18001 standards.
We dealing all kinds of lab chemicals, glassware, plasticwaares, Instrumetns, Membaraane Filter Papers ets.
Manufacturers and exporters of Full range of Laboratory chemicals & reagents.
We are one of the fine chemical manufacturers and suppliers in Hyderabad. We are strength in making of customs synthesis products and pharmacology products.
We are one of the leading suppliers of various Laboratory Items. We also have annual Rate Contracts with many reputed Co/s & Educational Institutes and Colleges (Central Govt. State Govt. and Private etc.) We Deal in 1) All Lab Chemicals 2) Lab Plastic Wares 3) Lab Glassware 4) Disinfectants 5) Filter Papers 6) Scientific Instruments 7) Disposable Lab wares 8) Liquid Handling Instruments 9) Silica-Wares We shall be grateful if you kindness provides us an opportunity to serve your organization & Register our name in your vendor list. Send your list of fast moving items. Please feel free for any further inquires. Looking forward for a long and mutual beneficial relationship.
  we are trading co.working in lab and pharmacutical chemicals rare earth metals,liquied extract.
BETAPHARMA(SHANGHAI)CO. LTD. as a key laboratory product distributor based in China, we provide over ten thousands general research chemicals and one thousands biotech products from gram scale up to commercials scale. We also provide custom synthesis/manufacture for non-stock items upon request.
manfacture of speciality chemicals-laboratory reagents- ammonium ceric sulphate. ammonium ceric nitrate dithiooxamide, dithizone, biological buffers.
We are manufacturers and exporters of wide range of Laboratary chemicals and chemical lab equipments, We provides a variety of Chemicals to satisfy your each and every requirement...
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